Dragonkeeper – Excellent!

Hey All!

I’m sorry for not posting in a while, I have been very busy…

Anyway, for our English class, we have been reading a book by Carole Wilkinson, called ‘Dragonkeeper.’ It’s a fantasy story set in Ancient China, and Ping (also known as ‘the slave girl’) is the main character. Ping is often abused and teased by her ‘boss’ called Master Lan. Ping is a hard worker and she does it tough, especially after her parents sold her when she was young. I’m only up to chapter 5, but that’s because we’re only reading it in class. I plan to do some reading over the weekend and can hopefully get through a few chapters! I rate this book 7/10 so far, it’s excellent – I would recommend it to everyone!

Thanks for reading!


P.S: Here is a photo of the cover!

PS: Here is a photo of the cover!


Jimmy Moran: Regular, not the best book…

Hi all, I have recently been reading Jimmy Moran: Regular and am only a quarter through this book. It hasn’t really hooked me but I will keep reading and try my best! This book is about a New Zealander Soldier who is fighting in Vietnam. He says it is different because of all the thick jungle and the Vietnamese Army tactics. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for another post soon!

Welcome to Wilson’s Reading Bingo!

Hi, I’m Wilson and I’m am currently in Year 7 at Padua College, Kedron. I do like to read, but the book has to hook me early, otherwise I lose interest. My goal is to read at least 5 books this semester. My favourite book genre’s are comedy, war and mystery. I am currently reading a war book, called Jimmy Moran: Regular by Ken Catran. More blog posts await, thanks for reading!